Frank P. Licato began his career as an independent insurance agent in August 1962. He has worked tirelessly encouraging and helping others both in his field and in his community. Frank’s long time home of South Plainfield, NJ has benefited from his involvement and philanthropy.In 1965 he founded the South Plainfield Community Pool and served as its President for many years. He instituted Red Cross swimming lessons and free swims for Special Ed children. Other organizations include the South Plainfield Planning Board and the Jaycees where he was awarded Outstanding First Year Jaycee in 1967, Distinguished Service Award and Outstanding Young Man of The Year. Frank served as General Chairman for fundraising for the United Way of South Plainfield, and as a member of the ELKS, he helped raise money to transport children for the Mountainside Crippled Children’s Organization.

In 1967, he became a member of the South Plainfield Board of Education and went on to become its President. In 1970, he founded the Plainfield chapter of UNICO and was its first President. During his tenure, the group funded High Hopes, a school for the enrichment of blind, autistic and brain injured people. Through UNICO, Frank chaired a national program to continue funding High Hopes.

Frank’s endeavors have touched many and have brought joy to many less fortunate. He has spearheaded so many projects, yet he prefers to remain in the background. One look at his service and commitment to his community and to his fellow man, and it is easy to understand why SERVICE is his number one priority in his business.