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Homeowners Insurance

Getting the right home insurance coverage is important because your home means the world to your family. It is the place your family goes to feel safe and protected from the worries of the world. With that in mind, you want to make every effort to protect your home from the worst the world can throw your way. These are just a few of the key protections you want to have in your homeowner’s insurance coverage.

Types of Home Insurance Coverage to Consider

There are many different types of insurance coverages available for your home. Beyond the standard homeowner’s insurance policy, which includes things like general liability, structural damage, some contents, and loss of use coverage, you might want to make sure you have some of the following coverages as well.

Flood Insurance

For all that your homeowner’s policy does protect against, it does not offer protection against the ravages of flood. You’ll need to purchase an additional policy for this coverage – likely through the National Flood Insurance Program.

Earthquake Insurance

Standard homeowner’s policies do not cover earthquakes. For comprehensive protection, consider adding earthquake insurance. This coverage helps safeguard your home against the damages caused by earthquakes and related phenomena. Purchasing this as an additional policy through our agency ensures you are protected from these unpredictable events.


Endorsements come in all shapes and sizes. They include things like guaranteed replacement cost coverage, which ensures you won’t have to worry about depreciation when the time comes to replace your possessions.

Valuable Property Coverage

While many of your home’s contents are covered by your homeowner’s policy, if you have high value items in your home, collections, computer equipment, art, antiques, or electronics, you may want to invest in high value coverage to help cover the cost. Otherwise you could find yourself only insured for a fraction of the value of these items.

What Types of Damage does a Homeowners Policy Protect Against?

For the most part, your home insurance policy extends to perils or events specified in the policy. While each policy is different, these are the types of perils that are generally covered by your insurance. They usually include things like:

  • Fire
  • Hail
  • Hurricane
  • Theft
  • Tornado
  • Vandalism
  • Wind

If you feel you need for flood insurance, and it is highly recommended for anyone living in New Jersey, Florida, or Pennsylvania, you should discuss your options for coverage with your agent.

Buy multiple policies (home, auto, RV, motorcycle, etc.) policies from the same insurer. They will reward your loyalty with deep discounts on your insurance products.

Frank P. Licato Agency has been covering the insurance needs of New Jersey, Florida, and Pennsylvania homeowners since 1957. We’ve seen many changes through the years, but one thing that has never changed is our commitment to customer service. We see you as more than just as quote, like many insurance companies. We believe it’s important to get you the coverage you need, at a rate you can afford, and with outstanding customer service at every turn.

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